2012-2013 Catalyst Series Applications

Posted by Administrator (ncsc) on Apr 24 2013 at 9:39 PM
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NC Stage Catalyst Series Call for Applications
Since 2004, NC Stage’s Catalyst Series has played host to some of the most exciting grassroots theatre in Western North Carolina.  From classic works to burlesque, sketch comedy to performance art, the Catalyst Series offers a diverse lineup of performing arts.  NC Stage’s goal with the Catalyst Series is to enhance our own programming while offering local companies the infrastructure they need to produce the best possible work.
This dual mission means that NC Stage seeks projects that complement our Mainstage Season of plays, not replicate it (for instance, we don’t accept productions of Shakespeare, or other playwrights we are likely to have on our short-list – check out our production history for more info, or give us a call!).
We also look for partner companies with the artistic vision and resources to pull off a given project. That can include financial resources, but it is not limited to cash on hand. We want to see evidence of a strong artistic team, past experience in a producer role, and local networks from which to pull resources.  
The Catalyst Series is a shared risk/shared reward proposition. Since we split box office proceeds, we look for companies who offer a balance of artistic reward and realistic budgeting and revenue projections. We will not pick a project without demonstration that it has some box office potential; likewise, we will not pick a project with purely commercial appeal and no artistic merit.
Finally, we prioritize local companies. We believe there is a wealth of performing arts talent in our community, and we want to make it possible for local artists to see their work on stage.  For performing arts companies from outside the area, we look for a strong local network or connection.  We typically do not host touring productions.
One very important note for potential applicants:  NC Stage does not produce plays in the Catalyst Series. We view ourselves in a supporting role, offering our infrastructure, advice, and (for lack of a better word) “brand recognition” so that you can fulfill your artistic goals.   If you have question about what it means to be a producer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us before you apply.