Auditions for Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Posted by Administrator (ncsc) on Jun 24 2011 at 10:54 PM
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North Carolina Stage Company is seeking actors for its upcoming production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, performing August 24th, 2011 through September 25th, 2011 with rehearsal dates between July 25th and August 23rd.


All roles will be seen.  This is a play with music but the music is substantial.  Heavy emphasis on skilled and nuanced acting with an ability to sing the s**t out of a song is required.  Hedwig and the Angry Inch tells the story of a transsexual punk rock singer from East Berlin who shares her life story with the audience while touring America with her band, the Angry Inch.


Hedwig – male actor, 30s, rock tenor, slender.  Formerly named Hans until he devises a plan to marry an American G.I. in an attempt to escape from East Germany into a life of happiness and freedom in the United States.  A botched sex change operation and the dismantling of the Berlin Wall later, Hedwig finds herself abandoned in a trailer park in Kansas and looking for the soul mate who will complete her.  But is it a man or a woman?  Hedwig is not a drag queen. 


Yitzak – female actor, 30s, high belting alto, slender.  Yitzak is Hedwig’s husband and backup singer.  There is a strained relationship between Yitzak and Hedwig and it is clear that Hedwig holds Yitzak emotionally captive for whatever reason.  Yitzak yearns to be free of the backup singer role and shine on his own.  He is played as a man.


The Angry Inch – Musicians -  Bass player, Drummer, Guitar player  males, 20s, 30s.  All are immigrant musicians from Eastern European, Communist Block countries.


Auditions will be from 2 to 5:30 on Thursday, June 30th, 2011 and 6 to 10pm on Tuesday July 5th, 2011.  Performers auditioning for Hedwig and Yitzak should be prepared to sing an uptempo song and ballad of their choice, appropriate for the style of the show.  Songs from the show are acceptable.  Yitzak should also be prepared to sing I Will Always Love You as performed by Whitney Houston.  An accompanist will be available but you are welcome to accompany yourself if you play an instrument, however, it is not required for these roles.


If you are auditioning for the roles of Hedwig or Yitzak, send an email with an attached picture and resume and a preferred time frame on one of the audition dates to


Instrumentalists should send an email with an attachment of an MP3 or a link to a recording of their music to this address:  We will call you in for auditions if more is needed.