NC Stage announces auditions for The Understudy

Posted by Administrator (ncsc) on Dec 07 2012 at 11:29 PM
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NC Stage announces required Equity auditions for The Understudy.

Call Type
Equity Principal

Date of Audition

North Carolina Stage Company
15 Stage Lane
(off of Walnut Street)
Asheville, NC

Equity Principal Auditions by APPOINTMENT:
Friday, December 14, 2012
11 AM – 6 PM
No scheduled lunch break

For an appointment, email (email preferred) or call 828-239-0263. AEA Members w/out appts will be seen as time permits.

A monitor will not be provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition.

Artistic Director: Charlie Flynn-McIver
Writer: Theresa Rebeck

Other Dates
1st Rehearsal: 1/21/13. Opens 2/13 and closes 3/10, with a possible extension week through 3/17/13.

SPT Category 4
$312/week minimum.

Actors (m/f). See Breakdown below for details.

Sides will be provided at the audition. Visually impaired performers may request sides in advance upon making an appointment.
Bring picture and resume, stapled together.

Performers of all ethnic and racial backgrounds are encouraged to attend.
Always bring your Equity Membership Card to auditions.



by Theresa Rebeck

All roles available unless otherwise indicated.

Rehearsals begin January 21, 2013. Opens February 13 and closes March 10, with a possible extension week through March 17, 2013.

This biting comedy tackles the insider world of big-budget Broadway productions, where talent is less important than buzz. Harry is an unknown but hard-working theatre actor, brought in to understudy for a handsome, charismatic movie star. Roxanne, the stage manager with secrets and dreams of her own, does her best to keep the actors on track, but the rehearsal veers nearly out of control between the actors’ bickering, the tricky set, and her own past with one of the actors.

Harry. 30s-40s. A talented working actor bitter about his lack of success.  Was engaged to Roxanne several years before the play takes place, but he left her a few weeks before their wedding.

Roxanne. 30s-40s. Stage manager who would rather be acting.  She is surprised and unhappy to be working with Harry.


Jake. Late 20s-30s. A young movie star trying to prove himself by working on Broadway.  He is handsome and confident.

For an appointment, email (email preferred) or call 828-239-0263.